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EDMS is an end-to-end data management solution designed to simplify the complex challenges and operations associated with Big Data. In addition to non-production infrastructure size reduction, EDMS focuses on shielding the technicalities of “where” and “how” data from large systems is stored and extracted, thereby empowering non-technical users with the ability to drive key support processes without heavy reliance of the IT department.

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KeepTRAC is a digital customer engagement platform for utility companies that includes Optimal integration of utility bill presentment, payment processing and customer engagement in one user-friendly web portal.

Utility Customer Engagement

KeepTRAC delivers an industry-leading digital customer engagement platform to your utility at a very competitive price. Our cost-effective platform provides easy-to-use tools to your customers, allowing them to control and manage their own positive experience with your utility. KeepTRAC allows you efficiently and effectively manage all of your customer touchpoints through one central platform.

  • Online customer self-service options reduces call center volume
  • Increase participation in Automatic Payments and Electronic Bill Delivery, saving you money
  • Provides new digital marketing mediums to enhance customer communications

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